Gucci Accessories Spring 2011 Menswear Collection

Gucci's sexy business collection for the Spring 2011 season impressed us all through its elegance and flawless head-to-toe styling, and we all know that in an outfit the little things make the bigger ones stand out, so let's see next how the accessories transformed a regular look into a stunning masterpiece. 

The Spring 2011 collections always bring out a lot of energy expressed through perfect looks and lots of sex-appeal, but in men's case, these collections release way more than that. From elegant suits to beach wear, a spring/summer menswear line combines together day-to-night looks and every occasion outfit for different styles and personalities, but one label that always stands out through their masculine designs and unique Italian pieces, is without a doubt the Gucci brand.
Whether it's all about evening wear, elegant suits or office style, casual chic and even beach wear, the head designer, Frida Giannini is the one that makes everything you wished for from a collection come through, by making every season be the best at Gucci, so that's why this Spring 2011 is no exception.

The accessories used in Gucci's Spring 2011 Menswear Collection are the items that put in value every clothing piece, through their uniqueness and perfection in details. Whether it's a pair of sunglasses, a bag, some Italian perfect leather shoes.
, a watch or a scarf, it doesn't matter, because everything comes naturally and all the looks reach a level of art in this collection.

The sunglasses that Frida chose to put in value a spring outfit in this collection are inspired by the typical aviator sunglasses but take a modern shape through blue or brown plastic that shows lots of mystery and elegance in the same time. 

Whenever we think about accessories what's the first item that comes through our head? Shoes, that's for sure. Well, some don't even consider shoes an accessory anymore, but that's another thing. And of course in Gucci's Spring 2011 Menswear all the attention comes on footwear. Seems like shoes in this collection are the one think that every outfit needs in order to stand out. These rough leather men shoes come with whether the “Made in Italy by Gucci” mark that brings a vintage appeal to these outfits or with minimalistic shapes without any details, to keep the outfit elegant and classy.

As you can see, Frida succeeded once again to keep up with the Gucci name by releasing a perfectly made collection from accessories to clothes to overall looks.


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