Giorgio Armani Womenswear Fall/ Winter 2013-2014

  GARÇONNEIt’s a way of living, and interpreting femininity - the kind of independent spirit that ignores conformism and all that is commonplaceIt’s an autonomous way of dressing and mixing pieces, a personal attitude to pairing accessories, that defines a particular style and character.Garçonne features simple lines, while its perfect cuts and combinations of materials transform it into something decidedly avant-garde.Black, its overarching colour, enhances the figure, emphasizing its shape with jewelled jackets, trousers and Skirts-cum-bermuda shorts, as well as with long, hip-hugging skirts that end in a bias cut. Hints of white create luminosity and contrast, as do the golden fabrics paired with lacquered black shoes and accessories.Calculated eccentricity shines through in berets featuring special workmanship in woven velvet, their spherical forms adorning the head, as well as in exquisite suspenders, evening and daywear “garçonne” jumpsuits and embroidered tops.Woven, lacquered high-heeled shoes leave a luminous wake. Black onyx buckles are a common thread running through the jewellery, and make their mark on accessories, echoing the button motif that also runs through the collection.source of Collection by Armani

Emporio Armani Womenswear Collection for Fall/Winter 2013

 'KAJAL'Kajal as a range of colours, from soft creams and pinks to dark shades and mineral hues. Its simplicity and clean lines are enhanced by contrasting accessories, used playfully, which evoke contemporary culture and unpredictable aesthetics and different eras.The collection offers very feminine shapes – sometimes long, with sculptural forms, where the surprising use of rough-cut neoprene renders the clothing extremely modern. Double-breasted coats emphasize new proportions. New lengths cover the knee or reach the ankle, the tone lightened by the soft gleam of a bare leg. Gauzed mohair makes for soft, large sweaters, and sweaters that are full-bodied, as if made of fur, are paired with trousers, Bermuda shorts and organza jackets.Unexpected lace-up men's shoes with a neoprene vamp and moccasins with transparent PVC sides or a vamp embellished with large coloured crystals play an important role in the collection. Playful bowler hats pair with bright, enormous yet lightweight Jaipur-style earrings with appliquéd gems on a neoprene background – a combination also visible in the necklace that transforms a piece of sumptuous oriental jewellery into an example of great modern design.Collection taken by Official of Armani

Rinascimento 2013 Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter

 Rinascimento 2013 Fashion Trend gorgeous looks for this Winter/Fall season no worry if you are office lady of collage girl just look and feel stylish with leather made trend from Italy.Skirts to tops, Jackets, coats to dress all you need to make a style statement so pick a look.

Versace Women Fall Winter 2013-14 Fashion Show

Versace launched “VUNK” Versace’s new punk, as if the spirit of punk was born today. There’s no reference to the past. With “VUNK”, Versace is fearlessly looking forward to a new glamour, and a new rock’n’roll. Extreme proportions create a contrast between shrunken silhouettes and over sized shapes, with no compromise between.

Stella McCartney Autumn 2013 Collection for Women

 Stella McCartney Autumn 2013 Collection taken from official Website.

Roberto Cavalli Womenswear Fall/Winter 2013-14 Runway Looks

 Here are the fresh Runway look of Roberto Cavalli Fall / Winter 2013-2014 Womenswear  Runway Show latest images taken from the official album on Facebook.

Jennifer Lawrence The new face of Dior Looks

Jennifer Lawrence is selected as new face of Dior, Dior is pleased to announce her in Dior Mag as the new muse of the miss Dior handbags.These images are Captured by the photographer Willy Vanderperre, and Model the Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of the  Miss Dior bag. Take a look at the images from the ad campaign.

Vivienne Westwood Collection Red Label AW 2013/14 at London Fashion Week

Climate Revolution Charter: The Revolution has already begun.The fact of man-made climate change is accepted by most people. Through every walk of life people are changing their values and their behaviour. This continues to build the Revolution. The fight is no longer between the classes or between rich and poor but between the idiots and the eco-conscious.
MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE : Climate Revolution is the only means towards a sound economy. When the general public massively switches on to this fact we will win. 
 RESIST ECONOMIC PROPAGAND A Our economic system, run for profit and waste and based primarily on the extractive industries, is the cause of climate change. We have wasted the earth’s treasure and we can no longer exploit it cheaply. This shows up as a symptom; the symptom which is the proof of climate change is the economic crisis. Climate crisis and economic crisis are like serpents who eat each other’s tail. Economists treat economics as if it is a pure science divorced from the facts of life. The result of this false accountancy is a willful confusion under cover of which industry wreaks its havoc scot-free and ignores the human and environmental cost. The old, blind, mechanistic and life threatening view of economists prevents a true analysis. If they included climate change in their analysis we could work towards a better future. If we want a sound economy we have to have a sound environment.What’s good for the planet is good for the economy / What’s bad for the planet is bad for the economy.source

Latest Menswear 2013-2014 | Spring 2013 Menswear Fashion Trend

Baroness Cardigan for Girls | Cardigan Sweater Collection 2013-2014

There are various ways to update your winter wardrobe and girls find plenty of option in designer Dresses.A good Choice not only make you Fashion Diva but people also appreciate your taste of clothing.A Cardigan Sweater is Essential Element of Girls Cupboard so today Izandrew brings Latest Baroness Cardigan for Girls in Long and Short both styles.These Cardigan Sweaters re very versatile and fancy and carry latest cuts and designs Hope you like these Cardigan Designs 2013.Combine these Cardigan Sweater Collection 2013-2014 with jeans of use with leggings its your choice but overall These cardigan dresses look Modern, Chic and Comfortable, These Cardigan 2013 have Tops style stitching designs to enhance the beauty of Dresses.Lets check out the below given Cardigan Sweater Collection 2013 and enjoy this winter with cardigan style.

Short Dresses 2013 for Girls | Office / Party Wear Short Dresses Collection

Modern Women is more confident in their Choice and Now Women's wearing a garment which keep her in fashion and not degrade her personality.Some Girls like Long length Dresses and other prefer short length skirts or tops that follow latest cuts and designs.Infect Short flirty dresses look more attractive and wonderful rather then a long Dresses.Especially Office Going Women role model for other ladies and representing him as not only a working lady but also a fashion follower so today izandrew brought Short Dresses 2013 for Girls with unique tailoring designs, new cuts and patterns made on royal silk, leather and pure cotton Jarsi fabric.Office ladies have great choice to wear Jeans with these Office / Party Wear Short Dresses Collection and pair it with High Hells Shoes or sandals.if you are going to wear legging or jeans with it then a perfect tops are ready for you lets check out below given short dresses tops 2013.

Maternity Wear Clothes Collection 2013 | Maternity Tops Tunics Dresses

Trendy, Comfortable and Well-Cuts Maternity clothes are basic requirement when you expecting Baby and your baby bum start expanding.Pregnancy not only leads various changes in body but also in wardrobe too and a pregnant women need stylish tops and tunics made of soft fabrics in their cupboard.There are lots of Designer Maternity Skirts, Tunics, Kurta, Tops, T-shirts, Tank Tops and Bottom or Pants are available at shopping stores but in my views i prefer Tunics and Tops or tailor made custom fashion Maternity Dresses that not only give you comfort during pregnancy period but also Cheap and keep you in budget.Today We are here with Maternity Wear Clothes Collection 2013 Which accommodate different body shape and sizes and available in variety of Regular , Large and Small sizes.Always Prefer Those Maternity Wear which have quality  to keep your belly comfortable and Add some latest Maternity blouses, Capri Pants in your style.Here you can find huge range of Maternity Tops Tunics Dresses, These Tops Tunics Dresses are chic and made with soft texture fabric contains latest Designing patterns.Lets Select a Maternity Wear Clothes 2013 for your Pregnancy period and give your body comfort and your baby feel relax.Hope you enjoy this Maternity Dresses Collection 2013 presented by Izandrew.

Plus Size Dresses Collection 2013 | Plus Size Party Dresses 2013

Skipping any event is not the right solution for Plus size ladies instead of involving functions, ceremonies with perfect dress-up and go out to attend party.We understand that Plus size women usually have a hard time to find any dress like gown, Cocktail dresses, Evening wear or Party Outfit just because of their body size so Today Izandrew spotted Plus Size Dresses Collection 2013 to get rid this Difficulty.These Plus Size attires are good for a night out, Very flirty with a straight cut in body fitted shape.These Plus size dresses have quality of De-emphasizing certain parts of body.We understand that Many full figured women are very Conscious with their arms, Hips and Large Breasts because of grabbing attention but if you dress properly then it easily draw attention away and these Plus size party Dresses are designed accordingly for self conscious ladies, You can still be with fashion without avoiding any event.You can find a wide chunky belt style short Dress, Wrap Around waist Dress, Cocktail Short Dress that helps you to create illusion of an hourglass shape.Now no matter what is your body size just love the wearing latest style because you are a lucky enough to have advantage of clothing line recent years instead of skinny and time proved that full-figured women are more fashionable so why not you try these Plus Size Party Dresses 2013.

Men's Check Shirts Collection 2013-2014

Check shirts are most demanding fashion item in menswear.Young and old age mens like to wear Check shirts with jeans and finding new styles of check.So today we brought latest Men's check shirts Collection 2013-2014 for boys to wear at office, casual or formal.
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