Most Wanted Male Celebrity Hairstyles

       Celebrities have always set a trend when it came to fashion style and hairstyle. They are always up to date with the latest trends and their hair is cut by top professionals only, this is why they are copied most of the time. They look incredible and this is why they become fashion icons even when it comes to hairstyle.
The most popular hairstyles this year seem to be:

The Shag
Shag hairstyles look good and contribute to a more mysterious and sophisticated look. The hair has layers incorporated in order to create this look. The hair needs to be medium length and celebrities like Zack Efron, Owen Wilson, Richie Sambora, Jared Leto were a few of the celebrities which looked incredibly hot with this hairstyle.

The Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles just because the hair is very low maintenance and looks good too. The hair is cut very short, close to the scalp and at equal length. It is suitable for people with a well proportioned and shaped head. Celebrities like Collin Farrell, David Beckham, Wentworth Miller are only a few male celebrities that looked great with this haircut.

 Messy look
The messy look has been a very popular. It seems like the bed head hairstyle is easy to style and looks great also. The hair can be styled in a variety of ways, therefore celebrities like Adam Levine, Tom Cruise, Robert Pattison, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, opted for this messy hairstyle.

5 Must-Have Menswear Items for School

Every time before school, people go crazy around buying new supplies for a new year even things that they don't even need, including clothes which come as an essential for everybody, but since this year people care more about economy, wasting a lot of money on clothes is quite impossible, that's why we'll see next what are guys must-have items for this year in school!

                                                                    Roberto Cavalli

1. Jeans

As always, jeans come as a must-have item in every single season for any type of person, a pair of denim jeans should be in the closet! Try to choose a pair that's fitted well, not loose ones and definitely not skinny, because those are classics that you can wear everywhere, from school to parties, to work. Also try a color that goes well with the clothes that dominate in your wardrobe, from style to shades. Never buy some jeans with many random details attached to them because those are useless that you'll have to change in a few months.


2. Shoes

Once again, classics take the lead this season even if we're talking about men's shoe fashion. From typical All Star Converse shoes to Vans Canvas authentic, going for comfort and casualty doesn't come as a surprise, in men's fashion. Whether you prefer the neutral colored shoes or go for pop fun colored ones, it doesn't matter, because they're not only good quality but look great too, with sportswear or urban street style.

3. Shirts

For shirts this season is all about colors and teenage styles. Go crazy with pink, red, green, blue shades together by looking interesting and fun in the same time. Plaids, stripes, dots and prints overcome this season fashion trends for shirts, so that's why for school they come perfectly casual and still keep it fashionable. Also, denim shirts are this season's must-buy item for the Fall 2010 season!

4. Leather Jacket
In those rainy days of fall when everyone still needs to go to school, there's nothing that provides you from the weather outside than a rough rock'n'roll leather jacket. This way you'll look cool for school and you'll be a badass hottie after it. Whether you go out clubbing, walking, having fun with your friends, for fall the leather jacket will keep you comfortable by looking good. Keep it hardcore with dark colors from black to brown or blue-green!

5. Winter Coat
As we all could see lately the weather changes from a season to another, the summer is hotter than we could ever expect and winter is freezing our brain out, but that doesn't mean we can't keep ourselves warm and still be fashion-forward in the same time. Just because we want to be comfortable doesn't mean we wear our blanket in public, does it? For the winter season, guys should choose a good classy winter coat that may cost more, but it will last longer than a season if they choose it simple and not based on new fashion trends. Remember to look like a gentleman, not like a teenager!


              Burberry                                                                                                    Gucci


Star Style - David Beckham

Aug. 28th - LA - David and the boys at the Park


Gucci Special Edition Heritage Aviators

Italian luxury label Gucci has come out with a cool new collection of "heritage" aviator sunglasses harking back to the brand's heyday of louche glamour in the '60s and '70s. The three new models – 1627/S, 1622/S, and 3108/S – all feature the vintage red and green Gucci stripe and "G" logo on both temples and complete the theme with a special edition leather case and carrying pouch. The case has a wide signature stripe while the pouch has a matching strap. Available in multiple classic color combinations, the best are the basic black versions which have the classic red and green stripe on them. The Gucci 1627/S is a well fitting unisex aviator, the 622/S is a slightly larger unisex cross between an aviator and a wrap, and the 3108/S is a more feminine style. They're now available for $174, $180 and $170 respectively from haute online eyewear boutique Eyegoodies.


Mat Gordon for Aldo Fall 2010 Campaign

James Neate for Guess Fall 2010 Eyewear Campaign

James Neate for Guess fall 2010 eyewear campaign.

Edun’s Bono and Ali Hewson in Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign

Bono and and his wife Ali Hewson star in the newest of Louis Vuitton’s “core values” ads shot by Annie Leibovitz.
The couple, who were shot in South Africa, wear clothing by Edun, Hewson’s sustainable fashion line. in which LVMH took a 49 percent stake last year.
it’s the first time the U2 front man has appeared in an ad without his band, and the first time a label other than Vuitton is getting a fashion credit.

Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s director of communications, explained that Edun’s presence in a LV campaign would give the small brand major international exposure.
Ali Hewson carries a new handbag that was a join project between Edun and LV and has a special charm that is the French firm’s first made-in-Africa product.
The ad — which reads “Every Journey Begins in Africa” — features the humanitarian duo arriving in an African grassland.
The ad coincides with Paris Fashion Week’s Africa Rising Exhibition, where contemporary African art will be sold alongside Edun’s Spring collection.
Both Bono and Hewson donated their appearance fee to charity organizations that promote growth in developing countries.
A portion of the profits from their new co-designed LV bag will also go to charity.
Via WWD - Popcrunch

Camouflage Driving Shoe from Prada

Camouflage makes a comeback this season, and if any brand has capitalized on the trend, it’s Prada and their exquisite Camouflage Driving Shoe for Fall. With all the elegance and refinement you expect from the Italian luxury brand, the Driving Shoe features equal parts masculine laidback cool with premium leather camouflage uppers. Count on these fine crafted camouflage driving shoes to be a huge (ironically) standout this season. Grab a pair today from select Prada stockists.


Prada Infusion d'Homme - Perfume review


This is my favorite perfume...

Prada Infusion d’Homme was developed by the creator of Prada Infusion d’IrisDaniela Andrier — and it contains neroli, iris, vetiver, cedar wood, incense and benzoin. The ingredients in Infusion d’Homme are not so different from those in Infusion d’Iris (mandarin, orange blossom, galbanum, iris, incense, benzoin, cedar, lentisk and vetiver) but they are used in different proportions. In a Wallpaper article, Andrier said she wanted the scent of Infusion d’Homme to mimic the smell of a man who had bathed with Infusion d’Iris soap.

Infusion d’Homme begins with citrus, neroli and soapy (yet fresh) iris and proceeds quickly to notes of silky incense, cedar and a “burnt-vanilla” benzoin note. The incense and benzoin start strong and then become soft; as this transition takes place, to my surprise, iris makes a comeback. To quote from Robin’s Infusion d’Iris review, Infusion d’Homme is not…
Prada Infusion d'Homme fragrance packaging…wildly innovative, but it has a kind of quiet elegance that isn’t often found in mainstream designer offerings, and it is so nice to find something in a department store that doesn’t smell like it has been focus-grouped into banality.
Infusion d’Homme is perfect for a day when you want only a hint of fragrance on your skin or when you don’t want others to be aware of your perfume (Infusion d’Homme lasts over 10 hours on my skin but stays close to the body). Infusion d’Homme would be great to wear on a long-haul flight: you’ll smell clean and “freshly showered” but your perfume will not be intrusive.

Prada Infusion d’Homme Eau de Toilette comes in five sizes: ranging from 50 ml ($54) to 754 ml (that’s over 3 cups of fragrance!) for $275; grooming and bath products are also available.


Bleu de Chanel - fragrance review

Bleu de Chanel is Chanel’s “first major male fragrance since 2004’s Allure Homme Sport and its first men’s master brand since 1990’s Ego├»ste.”* Even though Bleu de Chanel is not geared to a particular demographic/age-group, Chanel hopes this fragrance will broaden its appeal with young men. Bleu de Chanel was created by Chanel’s in-house perfumer Jacques Polge and it contains notes of citrus (bergamot, lemon, grapefruit), “deep blue sea” accord, peppermint, pink pepper, nutmeg, ginger, jasmine, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum and frankincense.

Chanel describes Bleu de Chanel as a “woody-aromatic” fragrance, but it definitely has (no matter its big-city-at-night/”dressy” ad campaign) a marine/sport vibe — and the marine nature of the perfume becomes more pronounced the longer I wear it.
Bleu de Chanel has been badly received by the online perfume community. Polge has been accused of sullying the Chanel name by gathering together in one perfume many elements of mainstream (read: banal, cheap, made-for-the-hoi polloi) men’s fragrances: a fresh/ozonic accord, AXE-like “personal hygiene” notes, simple-minded (and smelling) sport-y aromas. Throw me to the floor, hold me down, and make me guzzle vintage Chanel No. 5 till I morph into Catherine Deneuve, circa 1973, but at this point in my life, and in the realm of perfume creation, I could care less about the Chanel heritage, its “mystique” or exclusivity. Chanel is in business now, as it was when Coco Chanel was in charge, to make money…fragrance tastes change and what sells is preferred over what’s “artistic” or adventurous; anyway, niche perfume companies have picked up the slack when it comes to creating quirky and “soulful” perfumes. Let Chanel have its fresh, marine-sport fragrance for men.
Bleu de Chanel is not a “graphic” (and harsh) take on the ‘deep blue sea’; it’s a more impressionistic and diffuse interpretation of a marine-sport fragrance. In the opening and heart of Bleu de Chanel, the notes seem to move into each other’s space, bleed into one another in “watercolor” fashion — peppermint nudges grapefruit, mixing some green menthol into oily, yellow peel; flecks of grated nutmeg and ground pink pepper float on clear, ginger juice. What’s most interesting (to me) about Bleu de Chanel is the control Polge has over its ingredients and his ability to make the same “watercolor” (spontaneous-smelling) effects reappear with every application.
Bleu de Chanel goes on “cool” as it opens with strong bergamot-grapefruit and (non-medicinal) peppermint leaf notes. Bleu de Chanel’s “temperature” starts to rise as nutmeg and ginger become apparent; the scent of peppercorns mixed with mild vetiver and a floral note (reminiscent of the jasmine in Christian Dior Eau Sauvage) adds even more warmth to the mid-phase of development. Though there is a smidgen of “freshness” one associates with marine and sport fragrances, there’s more complexity and better ingredients used in Bleu de Chanel than in your average water/sport perfume. For me, Bleu de Chanel conjures a summer beach — hot sand; sun-toasted skin; silky driftwood; baking stones; citronella (bugs, be gone!); and an evocative, slightly salty accord I’ll call “clean-dog-takes-a-dip-in-the-sea-and-then-suns-herself-dry.” The most traditional (formulaic) phase of Bleu de Chanel is its base, where citrus-y musk, pale cedar and a touch of incense ash (benzoin?) mix to produce a sweet talcy finale.

Bleu de Chanel is not a perfume to sample on paper (where it smells stunted and “sketchy”); it should be worn — and applied with a generous hand — to experience its subtle phases of development. Blue de Chanel has good lasting power and sillage, and to me, it smells more masculine than “unisex.” Of all the marine-sport fragrances I’ve sniffed over the years, Bleu de Chanel is one of my favorites and the only one I’ve considered buying for myself.
Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette comes in a heavy blue-gray bottle whose sides and top are a gorgeous sapphire color; the fragrance is available in 50 ($59) and 100 ($79) ml and also comes in 100 ml aftershave lotion ($50).


Men's sunglasses: 2010 trend

Karen Walker Eyewear Helter Skelter (black)

Somewhat unusual and definitely distinctive, Karen Walker's Helter Skelter glasses are sure to add intrigue to any summer look. The curved but not quite round lenses and the juxtaposition of a mostly black frame with a white bridge make these sunglasses very of-the-moment. And though they may be trendy, the gold arms and smoky lenses keep these shades classy. Fashion-forward men should begin by pairing this accessory with a basic outfit composed of wardrobe staples such as jeans, a striped button-down and an Ivy League-inspired blazer. Eye-catching accessories, including a brightly hued belt, pocket scarf or tie can then be added to create an overall eclectic feel. Alternatively, let these men's sunglasses make their own statement by pairing them with slick, head-to-toe black separates for a modern spin on the beatnik look -- minus the beret, of course.


Retro Super Future '70s Italian (black)

Stay one step ahead of everyone else in the style stakes this summer with Retro Super Future's uber-hip W sunglasses. Influenced by Italian design from circa the late ‘70s, these shades are the ideal complement to all the old-school Italian fashion that was showcased in the 2010 collections. With their sharp, clean lines and angular shape, these shades are a little retro and quite futuristic all at once, yet they're simple enough to pair with virtually anything. Arguably, however, these sunglasses will be at their best when teamed with other pieces that conjure up visions of glamorous Mediterranean holidays, including crisp white trousers, perfect-fitting suits and blazers, bold dress shirts, and fedoras. What's more, given that the focus on Italian fashion is set to intensify, this accessory will give all your ensembles an on-trend edge for several seasons to come.


Nueu sunglasses

Launched a mere five years ago, Nueu produces sunglasses that lean more toward trend-setting than trendy and are somehow extremely practical at the same time -- design qualities that have made them must-haves among skateboarders. This year, the company offers men the Taurus 3.0, a throwback to ‘80s street style that's available in a range of color choices. Sculptural, funky and a little bit modish, these retro-inspired yet thoroughly contemporary frames will add a hefty dose of quirky cool to any summer ensemble, particularly when used to revitalize quintessential casual American apparel such as gingham shirts and zippered hoodies. Amazingly, on top of being achingly hip, these shades are crafted from highly durable, lightweight acetate, which means they're suitable for an active lifestyle and won't get damaged easily. Finally, this nearly universally flattering find is well-priced, ringing in at just under $100.


Alexander Wang Tortoiseshell Acetate Curved

It seems that everything New York designer du jour Alexander Wang touches turns to gold, which is why the fashion world was waiting with bated breath for the release of Wang's collection of sunglasses for Linda Farrow. Finally, this spring, Wang's line was unveiled and the results were well worth the suspense. While many of the creations the quirky designer dreamed up could only be pulled off by the most avant-garde of guys, other options, like this tortoiseshell acetate model, are very wearable even for guys who don't live for fashion. With a chunkier frame and dark tinted lenses, these shades have a vintage feel about them, but they remain basic enough to survive several seasons of wear without appearing out of style. Play it safe with your ensemble by donning black tops or earth tones when you sport these shades so that the rest of your outfit isn't competing with your sunglasses, which are sufficiently attention-grabbing on their own.

Approximately $228


Tom Ford Cross-Detail Aviators

There's something about Tom Ford's Peter Cross-Detail aviators that suggest you like to drive fast and are wild in bed. Whatever that X-factor might be, all that really matters is that these men's sunglasses are an instant woman magnet. With their shiny rhodium frames and inky blue lenses, they add instant, A-list level glamour to anything you pair with them. Granted, they come with an A-list price tag, but they'll be well worth your investment as they'll be adding a rock star edge to everything from expertly cut suits to distressed denim and faded tees for years to come. What's more, the crossed wires at the bridge add a slightly unusual twist to these sunglasses that make them more unique than your average pair of aviators. Finally, the carrying case, with its rich brown hue and leather trimming, provides a sophisticated way to store your shades and prevent them from getting scratched.

Approximately $381


Bottega Veneta Men's Spring 2011 T-Shirts

Bottega Venetta Spring 2011 collection is one of my favorites this season, after D&G and Hermes.These t-shirts are my favorites from this collection ...


Gucci Spring 2011 Menswear Collection Review

Gucci rocked this season's runway, by taking luxury to another level for Spring 2011 and masculinity was found even in the air in this collection! Going for the Italian typical sex-appeal that every woman loves, Frida Giannini brought the best in Gucci's Menswear where urban-stylish looks meet on business wear. Find out next what made this collection go on top! 

With every season that passes by seems like the luxurious fashion house Gucci doesn't age at old, actually it maintains a younger and younger appeal to their designs every time. What's the secret? I don't think that Frida Giannini will release us, but from we can see, she sure knows what men and women really want from fashion.

Frida's mark over the label Gucci is clearly seen all over her designs but that's what takes this fashion brand on top every new season. Her unlimited creativity and imagination brings out always a new outstanding collection, whether we're talking about women's wear or men's fashion, that breaks out from the ordinary and takes usual clothing wear to a level of immaculate art walking down the runway.

In Gucci's collection for the Spring 2011 season in menswear, Frida Giannini puts a major accent on their unique style that combines together Milan's street style uniqueness expressed through fashion that can't be categorized but find a way through a mix between classiness, business, chicness, elegance and stylish casual wear.

Frida gets inspired by the lates
t fashion trends that overcome this season, which are: leather, denim and fun abstract prints.
By choosing a chromatic theme that goes mostly in earthy shades, from light brown to camel, pure white, dark grey, marine blue, chocolate brown and pop orange, Gucci's collection maintains a balance between classics and modern colors. With a vintage allure attached to this collection, Frida brings out a touch of elegance and sophistication through these masculine looks.
  The main items that catch our attention in Gucci's Spring 2011 Menswear collection are: low cut suit pants, loafers, mini printed scarves, summer cardigan, plastic aviator shape sunglasses, washed up leather shoes, maxi travel bags, waist belted trench coats, perfectly fitted leather jacket with zipper details, white pants, oversized sweater, crocodile skin jacket, summer printed shirt, shorty shorts, gladiator sandals, denim shirts and head-to-toe white suits.

Burberry Prorsum pressed wool military jacket with oversize button cuffs (Fall/Winter 2010 collection)

''Double breasted pressed wool military jacket with cuffs embellished with multiple branded buttons. Epaulettes, long buttonable back inverted pleat and half belt. Hook and eye closure at collar, two oversize patch pockets and two interior welt pockets.''
I love this coat ,is so special and precious...
Available online at  at price of $3195.00.

2010 Emmys Red Carpet Report Card (Men outfit)

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

The expectant dads made a dapper duo, but NPH managed to outshine his main squeeze in a gray retro Calvin Klein suit and skinny tie.

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt

The couple that dresses together ... stays together? "Mad Men" Best Actor in a Drama nominee and his longtime girlfriend both donned Giorgio Armani for the big night.

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall

"Dexter's" deadly husband-and-wife duo demonstrated their killer sense of style on the red carpet. Jennifer wowed in a gunmetal gray one-shoulder dress, while her hubby looked handsome and healthy in a beautifully cut tux.

gAlan Cummin

Did Julianna's "Good Wife" cohort steal Hugh Hefner's slippers for his rather eccentric red carpet ensemble?

Ryan Kwanten

The "True Blood" hunk stood out in a sea of black tuxes thanks to his dark plaid, double-buttoned suit, splashy red tie, and sexy scruff.

Ty and Holly Burrell

One star who looked ready to hit up a high school dance was "Modern Family" Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominee Ty Burrell. He's hilarious, so we can only hope his gray tux/brown shoe combo and his wife's hideous pink-and-black shocker were just for laughs.

Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

The comedic couple cleaned up nicely considering they just welcomed their second son into the world on August 6! Amy showed off her amazingly svelte post-baby bod in a lilac Max Azria dress, while Will donned a classic black suit.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

While "The Pacific" producer looked suave in his classic black tux, his wife Rita should be arrested by the fashion police for her Joan of Arc-esque, chain-link Prada frock and horrid matching Lucite heels.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

The host of the evening's festivities donned a navy Tom Ford tux, while his film producer wife, Nancy, opted for a burnt orange, accordion-pleated halter gown.

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