Spring/Summer 2011 men's fashion trends - Gladiator Sandals

Men and women have adorned the gladiator sandal, in its simplest form, before records began. Notables such as Julius Caesar, Pythagoras and even Jesus himself sporting the trend – dapper fellas. Fast-forward 2000 years and the gladiator sandal has re-emerged, albeit undoubtedly more popular with the females then us warriors of the wardrobe.

As is the norm with many modern fashion trends, gladiator sandals transcended genders and appeared last summer in what can only be described as a ‘minor trend’. However, with the summer fast approaching this year could well be time for the gladiator sandal.

The Men's Gladiator Sandals Lookbook

How to Wear
  • Leave the socks in their draw. Socks and sandals are almost always an incomprehensible mix – to a similar effect of badly coordinated double denim.
  • Wear the garment and not the other way around. If you are self-conscious about donning something such as gladiator sandals, leave them on the shelf in the store. Your reservations will undoubtedly show up and draw attention to your discomfort in wearing them. You will do nothing but leave what was originally a well put-together outfit looking a former shadow of its once stylish self.
  • No overgrown toenails or un-kept feet please. Grooming shouldn’t be too alien to most I’d hope. If your phalanges are going to be on show lets have them looking tip-top; that goes for the rest of your exposed foot as well. Moisturise, clip and even polish if you feel it’s needing; I’m talking clear gloss here not red, pink or black.

During the warmer months you’d be hard pressed not to notice the number of flip-flops, sandals and other toe baring footwear that the male population embrace. Gladiator sandals have yet to join any such list of what would be classed as the norm, and are likely to be met with a few questioning glances. Fashion however is no stranger to controversy; in fact it embraces it and swallows it whole.



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  2. gladiator sandals are unique and attaractive to look. I like the design, it's nice to wear and surely good.

  3. Nice post!I really need to have a better understanding about men's fashion.And learn some tips and ideas because I need these to my future job.I will follow your blog post to know more insights about these topic.

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  5. Where can I get the studed black and gold gladiators ? I would love to have those.


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