Harvey Specter Impeccable Dressing | Fashion Inspiration of Harvey Specter

Whether you watch the it TV show"suits" or not, you must have heard about Harvey specter, The hot shot lawyer with the sharp wit and sharper sense of style. known for his pinstripe suits, power accessories and sleek hairs, we can all learn something from his impeccable dressing.

The Harvey specter syndrome.

The maxiam 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have' could not be more relevant for the hit show suits. The lead character is a successful lawyer Harvey specter ( played by Gabriel macht) who dominates in and out of he boardroom due to his attention grabbing suits and powerful accessories. Due to the characteristic three piece suits and  charismatic styling, He has been hailed as a contemporary style icon who revives the Gordon Gecko look from the wall street days. The same fashion inspiration can be seen as being referenced over and over in various fashion shows, from Armani to Tom Ford, providing that this is one look which exudes class and timelessness.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Street Style by Taylor Swift

The performer of the night’s Taylor Swift’s has presented the Victoria’s Secret angels street looks. Angel Street Style is winter blended collection. Perfectly twisted polyester and viscose fibers blend together to form a versatile textured and wrinkle-free fabrics, Taylor Swift is pleased to call the Blended Victoria’s Secret  Collection. The crispness of the cloth is complimented by the fact that it neither shrinks nor stretches – guaranteeing the smoothness of your apparel for all times to come. Resilient and easily washable, Angel Street Style resists everyday wear and tear and requires minimum care. In the quest for greater value, Taylor Swift has indeed struck gold with this collection.

Best Street Style 2014 by Tommy Hilfiger for Men / Women

Tommy Hilfiger street looks represent the fall winter trends for men and women. The various colors, styles and famous brands dressing sense has been gathered in this collection. Multi style jeans, regular shirts, comfortable tops, raincoats,  and trendy accessories like shoes belt are also added in this Tommy Hilfiger Best Street Style 2014. Woven and warm dresses are also the part of Tommy Hilfiger men / women's winter selection. Hilfiger presented these street looks to celebrate the joys of winter / fall, so be ready to get control on your fashion sense with the street  journey of Tommy Hilfiger in different countries. If you want a diverse range of streets, then these street styles 2014 has been picked from borders of china to valley of Germany, perfectly captured by the lens of Tommy. Get the right fashion sense of casual, formal, office wear and don't forget to vote for your trendsetter personality. Here you ca see many customized range of fall winter season with the immense pride of freedom and success of American, Asian, European crowd. Let's have a look on Best Street Style 2014 by Tommy Hilfiger for Men / Women.

Ralph Lauren Girl Holiday Dressing for Christmas 2014

Find the best designer styles for babies girls for this Christmas. This Newest style clothes has been presented by famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren especially for winter / fall weather. Christmas is the holy festival of christian community and mostly parents find best designer clothes for their kids, so This year Ralph Lauren has launched best winter girl holiday dressing trends for Christmas 2014. Stylish Tops / jeans, skirt and blouse, Frocks, sweater, upper hoodies, tights and lots of wove warm clothes. So enjoy this winter festival and holiday season with Ralph Lauren Girl Dressing Trend for Christmas. This holiday clothing will be perfect style for your girls.
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