Harvey Specter Impeccable Dressing | Fashion Inspiration of Harvey Specter

Whether you watch the it TV show"suits" or not, you must have heard about Harvey specter, The hot shot lawyer with the sharp wit and sharper sense of style. known for his pinstripe suits, power accessories and sleek hairs, we can all learn something from his impeccable dressing.

The Harvey specter syndrome.

The maxiam 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have' could not be more relevant for the hit show suits. The lead character is a successful lawyer Harvey specter ( played by Gabriel macht) who dominates in and out of he boardroom due to his attention grabbing suits and powerful accessories. Due to the characteristic three piece suits and  charismatic styling, He has been hailed as a contemporary style icon who revives the Gordon Gecko look from the wall street days. The same fashion inspiration can be seen as being referenced over and over in various fashion shows, from Armani to Tom Ford, providing that this is one look which exudes class and timelessness.

Fashion Inspiration of Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter's look consists of a Three piece suits, cut closer to the body to show off a gym tones physique, spread collar shirt and Windsor knotted ties. His  look is all the more impressive when compared to his young prodigious hire, Who dresses skinny ties and narrow lapels. The Former's sartorial choices really show us what grown-up dressing should be like. We think he deserve style icon status because he make us rethink power dressing as a wearable option outside of runway and tom ford add campaigns. For ambitious go-gatters, Harvey Specter should be a constant fashion inspiration so give a try to Harvey Specter Impeccable Dressing.

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