Spring/Summer 2011 Men's Fashion Trends - The Biker Jacket

Burberry Spring Summer 2011 Campaign izandrew bl

Perhaps the biggest factor is the ageing of looks from previous seasons, in particular the military trend. This trend has been with us for the last couple of years now, with varying degrees of popularity, but during A/W10 it reached its peak, the market is now saturated with trench coats, nautically inspired knitwear, t-shirts, military boots and all manner of accessories, and is now beginning to become very thinly spread and over worked. This is certainly not to say that these items have now become unfashionable, rather it is time for change. Hold on to your military inspired items (particularly if you own a camel trench coat – a fine purchase) however, as they will remain completely timeless and transitional in the future, and set you in good stead for this new look, saving you time, money and effort. But before we get too deep into this, let’s have a peek at the fashion worlds take on The Biker Trend.

Burberry Prorsum S/S11 Runway
Burberry Prorsum S/S11 Runway - Men's Biker Trend

As you can see from the looks above, Burberry have really taken a shine to this new trend, breaking away from their well known and highly regarded trench coat staple to produce a wide range of leather pieces that suit this new trend perfectly. But you might still be wondering how military and biker trends go together. Simply put, this is just an extension or development of the basic military trend; there is still the emphasis on simple, chunky and rugged items, but they are used in a different way or mixed with other pieces that don’t necessarily fit the military trend. You could also look at it as an original trend in that it takes the stereotyped biker look and makes it infinitely more fashionable with a focus on a smarter style; more tailored, refined lines, using trousers and shirts whilst retaining the darker colour palette synonymous with the biking world.
Biker On The Runways
The Biker Trend on the 2011 Runways

Of course the mainstay of this trend will be the Leather Jacket, nothing new here really, the choice is all yours regarding what style you wish to sport, as long as it isn’t one of those horrible branded, faux leather racing jackets, that only work at a race course… if you’re a racing driver. Also just because you wear full leather gear (safety first) doesn’t mean you are now fashionable; still looks too much in my opinion. I’m becoming distracted, actually being a motorcyclist and the biker trend isn’t necessarily linked. And here in fact is the key. Just as wearing military inspired clothes won’t make you a soldier, wearing a leather jacket does not make you a biker. These clothes allude to and suggest, giving you much greater flexibility in how you can model your outfits.
How To Wear
So what is the best way to tap into this new look? Personally, I would make use of the items currently on trend. Mix chunky footwear, military boots or otherwise with slim jeans or chinos (either tucked in or cuffed so they hang just above the ankle), a statement t-shirt and then your chosen leather jacket for that casual, laid back look. Keep colours fairly neutral or dark for the authentic image, using blacks, greys and whites, but if you are feeling adventurous, you could introduce more colour, maybe with a pastel jumper or cardigan, keeping in with the lighter palettes of spring but not being overly garish or in your face.
If you’re feeling really, really niche, go for the outside choice with a leather jacket that isn’t black – dark red or a very deep green perhaps. Feel free to mix in vintage pieces to give your final outfit a bit of flair, paying particular attention to accessories as these will really help to bring your outfit together and create a strong link back to the traditional biker look. You could even chuck in a paisley neckerchief or light coloured silk scarf to suggest some bohemian influence, and remember what I said about mixing in the military, your shearling/aviator jacket will work perfectly with this look to.

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