Chanel J12 Chromatic

The Chanel J12 Chromatic is made of a new proprietary ceramic titanium material that is of course highly scratch resistant with a hardness close to that of sapphire.  The J12 Chromatic features a spectrum of models — 38mm and 41mm case sizes each with an automatic mechanical movement, and a more petite 33mm case size with a quartz movement.   Water resistant to 200 meters.   I also have a nice closeup of the dial (below) in which you can see the fantastic design work — circular pattern on the outer dial, brushed pattern on the inner dial.  There are also diamond and diamond baguette encrusted models (set in an 18k white gold bezel).  You can see the full lineup, below:

close up of the Chanel J12 Chromatic dial:

Chanel J12 Chromatic
Ceramic Titanium
41 mm – Ref. H2934 38 mm – Ref. H2979 33 mm – Ref. H2978
Ceramic Titanium – Diamond Baguette
38 mm – Ref. H2913 33 mm – Ref. H2912
Ceramic Titanium – Diamond
38 mm – Ref. H2566 33 mm – Ref. H2565

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