Most Wanted Male Celebrity Hairstyles

       Celebrities have always set a trend when it came to fashion style and hairstyle. They are always up to date with the latest trends and their hair is cut by top professionals only, this is why they are copied most of the time. They look incredible and this is why they become fashion icons even when it comes to hairstyle.
The most popular hairstyles this year seem to be:

The Shag
Shag hairstyles look good and contribute to a more mysterious and sophisticated look. The hair has layers incorporated in order to create this look. The hair needs to be medium length and celebrities like Zack Efron, Owen Wilson, Richie Sambora, Jared Leto were a few of the celebrities which looked incredibly hot with this hairstyle.

The Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles just because the hair is very low maintenance and looks good too. The hair is cut very short, close to the scalp and at equal length. It is suitable for people with a well proportioned and shaped head. Celebrities like Collin Farrell, David Beckham, Wentworth Miller are only a few male celebrities that looked great with this haircut.

 Messy look
The messy look has been a very popular. It seems like the bed head hairstyle is easy to style and looks great also. The hair can be styled in a variety of ways, therefore celebrities like Adam Levine, Tom Cruise, Robert Pattison, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, opted for this messy hairstyle.

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