5 Must-Have Menswear Items for School

Every time before school, people go crazy around buying new supplies for a new year even things that they don't even need, including clothes which come as an essential for everybody, but since this year people care more about economy, wasting a lot of money on clothes is quite impossible, that's why we'll see next what are guys must-have items for this year in school!

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1. Jeans

As always, jeans come as a must-have item in every single season for any type of person, a pair of denim jeans should be in the closet! Try to choose a pair that's fitted well, not loose ones and definitely not skinny, because those are classics that you can wear everywhere, from school to parties, to work. Also try a color that goes well with the clothes that dominate in your wardrobe, from style to shades. Never buy some jeans with many random details attached to them because those are useless that you'll have to change in a few months.




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2. Shoes

Once again, classics take the lead this season even if we're talking about men's shoe fashion. From typical All Star Converse shoes to Vans Canvas authentic, going for comfort and casualty doesn't come as a surprise, in men's fashion. Whether you prefer the neutral colored shoes or go for pop fun colored ones, it doesn't matter, because they're not only good quality but look great too, with sportswear or urban street style.

3. Shirts

For shirts this season is all about colors and teenage styles. Go crazy with pink, red, green, blue shades together by looking interesting and fun in the same time. Plaids, stripes, dots and prints overcome this season fashion trends for shirts, so that's why for school they come perfectly casual and still keep it fashionable. Also, denim shirts are this season's must-buy item for the Fall 2010 season!




4. Leather Jacket
In those rainy days of fall when everyone still needs to go to school, there's nothing that provides you from the weather outside than a rough rock'n'roll leather jacket. This way you'll look cool for school and you'll be a badass hottie after it. Whether you go out clubbing, walking, having fun with your friends, for fall the leather jacket will keep you comfortable by looking good. Keep it hardcore with dark colors from black to brown or blue-green!

5. Winter Coat
As we all could see lately the weather changes from a season to another, the summer is hotter than we could ever expect and winter is freezing our brain out, but that doesn't mean we can't keep ourselves warm and still be fashion-forward in the same time. Just because we want to be comfortable doesn't mean we wear our blanket in public, does it? For the winter season, guys should choose a good classy winter coat that may cost more, but it will last longer than a season if they choose it simple and not based on new fashion trends. Remember to look like a gentleman, not like a teenager!


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                                                                                                                                                             source: dailyfashionandstyle.com

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