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This is my favorite perfume...

Prada Infusion d’Homme was developed by the creator of Prada Infusion d’IrisDaniela Andrier — and it contains neroli, iris, vetiver, cedar wood, incense and benzoin. The ingredients in Infusion d’Homme are not so different from those in Infusion d’Iris (mandarin, orange blossom, galbanum, iris, incense, benzoin, cedar, lentisk and vetiver) but they are used in different proportions. In a Wallpaper article, Andrier said she wanted the scent of Infusion d’Homme to mimic the smell of a man who had bathed with Infusion d’Iris soap.

Infusion d’Homme begins with citrus, neroli and soapy (yet fresh) iris and proceeds quickly to notes of silky incense, cedar and a “burnt-vanilla” benzoin note. The incense and benzoin start strong and then become soft; as this transition takes place, to my surprise, iris makes a comeback. To quote from Robin’s Infusion d’Iris review, Infusion d’Homme is not…
Prada Infusion d'Homme fragrance packaging…wildly innovative, but it has a kind of quiet elegance that isn’t often found in mainstream designer offerings, and it is so nice to find something in a department store that doesn’t smell like it has been focus-grouped into banality.
Infusion d’Homme is perfect for a day when you want only a hint of fragrance on your skin or when you don’t want others to be aware of your perfume (Infusion d’Homme lasts over 10 hours on my skin but stays close to the body). Infusion d’Homme would be great to wear on a long-haul flight: you’ll smell clean and “freshly showered” but your perfume will not be intrusive.

Prada Infusion d’Homme Eau de Toilette comes in five sizes: ranging from 50 ml ($54) to 754 ml (that’s over 3 cups of fragrance!) for $275; grooming and bath products are also available.


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  1. My hubby using this Prada perfume and the entire concept of this scent was fabulous.



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