Mickey Mouse fashion trend

We all recall our friendship with that large eared character from our younger days. Because not only was he thoroughly entertaining to that tiny six year old, but he was everything that that time stood for; innocence, all round goodness and some great T.V.

The icon that is Mickey Mouse debuted alongside Minnie Mouse in 1928. Fast forward to 2010 and his unchanged face is still in our hearts...


It's hard to say where the fascination started but it happened and before you knew it, Mickey had returned in the form of fashion statements, accessories in big budget music videos and landed in some of your favorite high-street stores. Of course it all started when Lady Gaga appeared in her popular video for  'paparazzi' wearing the Jeremy Scott glasses. These are the same ones that would later be worn by BeyoncĂ© in their 'telephone' video. It didn't take long before Rihanna followed suit with her newer tough-girl image and her own set of ears.




Supposedly the main reason Disney added the white gloves was to allow audiences to distinguish the characters' hands when they appeared against their black bodies. The three black lines on the backs of the gloves represent darts in the gloves' fabric extending from between the digits of the hand, typical of kid glove design of the era.



1 comment:

  1. Well.. everything that celebs bring back in wear', it's a trend!
    And maybe that's not necessarily bad, right?
    MM will always be a cute character and lucky for us, fashionable too!


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