Hermès Spring/Summer 2011 Bags ,Shoes and Scarves

First: The SIKKIM calf leather Bolide Relax 47 is the all-round new explanation to the Bolide bags. It is a pattern of clutch with soft and light sensation and that makes it the best choice for travelling. Its design pattern is same with the original model. On this bag the Chevron canvas interior layer is matched with the Sikkim calf leather in a perfect way.
Second: The SIKKIM calf leather BARDA 35 in envelope bag pattern is concise and elegant. It shows expect to the traditional harness technique. Its design inspiration also came from the saddle leather. Under the independent bag cover there are two hidden pocket and a dividing layer. The pocket with zipper is used to hold important things. The external surface is made of the Sikkim calf leather and the interior layer is also made of prominent soft materials.

This intelligent portable iPad workstation is not just a cover. It has the superior upper edge and the soft bag cover. This function is suitable for you to use your iPad at any place.
This pair of short shoes in refreshing green color manifests the confident temperament and brought you the all-round new summer sensation. The British-style grace is matched with the velvet surface with soft touching sensation. Tidy streamline of the shoes and tidy rubber bottom make this pair of boots more delicate in details.

These lovely sandals combined the calf leather strap, saddle leather strap button and the H canvas together to manifest its rider design inspiration. The canvas shoes in the picture above are ideal choice when you want to wonder along the seashore. The solid and comfortable canvas manifest the pore boat shoes design pattern of them and the leather shoes belt is the eye-catching part of them.
First: LE Pégase D’Hermes square scarf manifest the strong swings of a mechanic horse to chant the praise of the perfect blending of the materials with spirit, pictures with letters, innovation with creation of Hermes. This design is meant to show the respect to the famous painter. Its delicate and accurate lines got the charm from the twilled real silk materials.
Second: This LALBHAI twilled silk scarf in 140cm*140cm size is a new member of the Hermes scarf family. It broke the traditional design of Hermes scarves with the summer twill model. The summer twill is the twilled silk with light, plastic and soft features. Although it is in superior big size, it is as light as the feather. At the same time this scarf showed the antique design of an Hermes scarf again.

First: This soft BAYADèRE square scarf with broad stripes BRIDES DE GALA comes from the document room made of Jercy silk. It is another new explanation to the famous original scarf. The materials are soft and plastic and made various wearing method and patterns possible.
Second: This brilliant, soft and comfortable cotton square scarf got the design inspiration from the American style shirt and adapted the Lion painting technique and the MONSIEUR &MADAME pattern. Its color, mysterious charm and broad size could help you relax in leisure situation.

First: The big size beach bath towel is the new member of the new collection. Although it is in super big size, the thickly weaved towel is light and very portable. There are two patterns of design patterns for you to choose with modern sensation: Ile d’Ouessant and Chevaux en camouflage. They are both manifested by brilliant colors with summer sensation.
Second: Woolen velvet blanket is the all round new series of the lift artwork. Its superior delicate design details could be regarded as the classic work of this brand. It adapted the framework printing and single-color painting techniques. The edge and the main body of this blanket is made wholly by hand. It adapted two most classic patterns of Hermes: the Quadrige and the Fil d’argen.

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