How To Wear A Mens Vest

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D&G Spring/Summer 2010
  • A vest must cover the waistband. No belt buckle should show. This adds girth (the appearance of weight) and directs the eye straight to the waist.
  • The bottom button is meant to be left undone.
  • If there's an X across the middle when buttoned, the vest is too tight.
  • Yes, you can wear a vest with t-shirt. Leave it unbuttoned and wear it a size or two larger.
  • Add some flair to the plain short sleeve button up with a vest and skinny tie.
  • Avoid the white and black combo.


  1. I apsolutely agree. Also, it is important to know yur size so it doesn't look funny on the shoulders.

    La Kat

  2. Funny the guy on the catwalk image has
    A. belt buckle showing.
    B. Bottom button buttoned.

    (Don't make up silly rules?)


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