John Galliano Fall 2012 Woman's Ready-to-Wear

The John Galliano Company is a quintessential English Rose, a mix of savoir faire and eccentricity and elegance. It is unique in the fashion landscape, a romantic blend of craftsmanship, innovation and skilled ateliers that create a brand that is as enchanting as the muses it inspires.This spirit of adventure, energy and innovation is what inspires the ever-continuing narrative of the John Galliano brand as creativity and glamour mix with inspirations sourced from around the globe, galleries, and every century. Skilled in-house ateliers and petits mains innovate techniques and cut to create a signature that needs no translation. The technical skills, tailoring and flou artisans and in-house ateliers are the heart-beat that drives this house; couture techniques innovate new standards of ready to wear as attention to every detail, from the bias cut to silhouettes, prints to Gazette, make the John Galliano brand irresistible.

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