Blumarine Fall-Winter collection 2013

 Back to black from the new Blumarine Fall-Winter collection 2013 Blumarine proposes the quintessential colour of elegance and stylishness in five chic and tailored variations.

 Classy neutral tones from the Blumarine Fall-Winter collection Enhance your velvety allure with these sophisticated powder cream styles.Furs, jumpsuits and dresses in light dusty pink to seduce and be seduced.

 Bright white from the new Blumarine Fall-Winter collection A perfect array of sheerness and lightness for your stylish white silhouettes.

 Slice of orange style from the Blumarine Fall-Winter collection This vivacious yet sophisticated rush of reddish-orangewill let you exhale a magnetic heat all along wintertime.
 Warm shades from the new Blumarine Fall-Winter collection Recalling the intense and evocative nuances of coffee and chocolate,this feminine range of browns will milden up your grey winter days.

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  1. Nice post and great collection of winter photos. thanks for sharing.


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