5 Best Summer Hairstyles For Men | How to Get Tips

Today we brought another list of Hairstyles for Men that cover Bollywood actors hair do. These hairstyles are perfect for summer weather. Very rough, east to made and decent hairstyles that suits on every age and every profession men. Made these best hairstyles if summer with the help of fingers, comb, gel and mirror.

It’s just a co-incidence that a single list of men’s hairstyle has mamu and bhatija both in it.

How To:- 
- Get your hair cut smaller at the sides and leave the middle part half inch longer.
- Dab a spoonful of hair mouse between your palms and apply it on your hair.
- Now part your hair at the extreme right/left and brush the other side. When you part your hair at the extreme left/right, the opposite side automatically strays towards your forehead and that’s exactly what we want.
- Now run your fingers from the middle of the broader side upwards while you keep the blower at a distance with minimum heat.

The young dashing face of the B-Town might not be a favorite among the men, but with women, his chocolaty looks and neat hairstyle works wonders. Here’s how you can get his super cute hairstyle.

How To:- 
- Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair shorter from the sides and give 2-3 slightly defined layers.
- Your hair should be left an inch longer in the front and on the top than the sides.
- Now, wash your hair and comb the sides in upward to downward motion.
- Now blow dry the middle part while running your fingers from bottom to tip, i.e upwards.
- Take a little bit of light hair gel in your fingers. Run them from bottom to tip, sideways on a thick strand at the front of your forehead to get a neat little wave in the front.
- Do not use hair gel on the remaining part of your hair.
 Style Tip: This hairstyle looks best on men with short & thick hair.

This royalty has been seen quite a times to be experimenting with his facial hair/beard & Moustache style as well as his hairstyle. The look we love? The very powerful and bad guy wet back-brushed hairstyle.
How To:-
- Spray some water on your hair (over all) or just after you take a shower, dab a towel on your head and let the hair be a little wetter than usual.
- Take a teaspoon full of shiny hair gel and run your fingers from the front to back.
- Take a close bristled comb to brush your hair backwards. 
Style Tip: This hair style looks totally hot on chiseled long and muscular face. That’s because when you hair is brushed back, the attention goes completely on your face. So, if you hit the gym regularly, and have a defined jaw bones probably you should try this look.
Nobody can fail him when it comes to muscle building, but he wasn’t blessed with great hair. After losing a considerable amount of hair, Salman Khan got a hair transplantation and now he looks as hot as ever. This hairstyle should be followed for men who have thin hair or receding hair line.

How To:
- Wash you hair with a volume control shampoo or use a mild shampoo if you are facing hair loss problems.
- Do not condition. Conditioner tends to smooth-en the hair, as a result of which it looks less voluminous. Towel dry your hair.
- When your hair is half dry, brush it backwards once and leave it to dry of it’s own. Do not blow dry or use any kind of hair gel. You can use some spray to keep the style fixed.

The Indian cinema’s King and millions of women’s heartthrob, Shahrukh Khan had taken the world with storm years back. And, men who have wavy hair, might as well take a look at it. Get Shahrukh Khan’s complete look – How To Here!!

How To:
- You must have silky wavy hair to try this hair do. Ask your hair stylist to keep
- Wash your hair with a shine block shampoo and condition it well.
- Now, part your hair on one side and brush them while using very light blow dry from downwards. When you dry you hair like that it makes your hair fluffy and makes it look voluminous.

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